About us


happiness tech

Leading through innovation, winning through people.

We create great accessible and fun wellbeing products that everyone can use on their smartphones, products that are a combination of:

technology & analytics

happiness science & knowledge



Our Vision

Empower anyone to lead a happier & meaningful life

Our Mission

To make happiness know-how accessible and actionable to anyone


The Team

simply.vision is a international startup (registered in Israel), on a journey together, a great team of professional human beings

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Nerea Gutiérrez

Marketing, Content & Social

Career Summary
I’ve been involved in communication, marketing, and the digital world for the last 5 years

Choosing simply.vision
I find the intersection between wellbeing and technology fascinating, and I love the challenge of exploring ways to integrate the two.

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Danny Tuttnauer

CEO & Co-Founder

Career Summary
Entrepreneur, experienced business executive and coacher. Strong believer in hard work while growing & enjoying the way together. I believe “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions” (the Dalai Lama)

Choosing simply.vision
A dream come true!

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SEO & Marketing

Career Summary
More than 6 years of experience in SEO and marketing on one of the most competitive market online.

Choosing simply.vision
Challenges make me happy and what could be more challenging than helping others to be happy.

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Everything we do is based on one or more of the following values…

We try not to complicate stuff
We believe in spreading the good in the world and help each other
We try to always be honest about anything
We talk about how we feel, and care about how you do
We do stuff together
Increase productivity before hard work
Let’s grow together