Happiness Science

We all want to be happy, and there are countless of ways and disciplines about happiness in real life. In latest years, after comprehensive and creative researches and studies, happiness got scientific proof. Happiness science is studied and practiced in Positive Psychology as well as other scientific areas, with interesting proven ideas and actions of how one can be happier and more mindful in life. It is simple, but it’s not easy.

Happiness Technologies

We are lucky to be present to the greatest revolution in history of mankind, the tech revolution. Our best buddy ever is our smartphone, we do anything with it. Can you imagine yourself being 24 hours without it?

We also interact with our loved ones through our technology, mostly in a quick not meaningful way. But science is already hacking happiness, showing us several practical ways to work on our wellbeing, and increase happiness.
We take latest technologies, analytics, and fun as key elements in creating what we call “Happiness Technologies” products:

Products which utilize happiness scientific approaches and other inspirations to happiness, and are presented in an innovative and fun way. To help people tap to their mindfulness & happiness.

Have such a product? We’d be happy to hear about it: [email protected]


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